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To transfer the skills and knowledge to future generation
aiming the 100th year towards global future

On the 60th anniversary of establishment held in 2017, I, Keita Fukuda have been appointed as representative director and president of the company and took over the charge.

Taking this grand opportunity, we start once again with our team continuing the confidence and achievements of former president, chiseling our skill and knowhow of steel trading achieved through our long experiences and move towards making a better steel trading company.

Keeping constant effort to adopt with the ever changing environment and society, become a company with strong business sense and ethics that will continue 100 years and on through steel trading business.

I appreciate your continuous support and cooperation in this regard.

Keita Fukuda
Representative director and President
Keita Fukuda
Keita Fukuda

From Representative director and Chairman

I, Tsuneo Fukuda handed over the position of representative director and president to my son Keita Fukuda on this 60th anniversary of establishment of our company in 2017.

I appreciate your kind support extended to us past 22 years since I took over the place of president from Mr. Keisuke Furuya, the founder of Tetsusho Kayaba Corporation.

As the representative director and chairman, my next goal is to achieve better value of our product especially in overseas market.
Merely selling in volume is not enough, understanding quality aspect of NSSMC products and interpret that into higher value will be my new point of view.
Increasing the level of awareness of NSSMC excellent product quality to all, to be benevolent to steel industry as well as to the society through my 60 years of experience in this industry will be the pleasant part of my new endeavor.

I appreciate your continuous support to us.

Tsuneo Fukuda
Representative director and Chairman
Tsuneo Fukuda
Tsuneo Fukuda